25 August 2020

First to offer Salt Therapy in your Community?

The interest in halotherapy/salt therapy and the health benefits it provides is quickly spreading and people are seeking out places to “just breathe.” This makes is one of the promising expansions to a health-based business – or even just a stand-alone! There is no certification needed to start a salt cave business.

Right now, there is a largely untapped market for this increasingly popular treatment, with a non-competitive market and open territories that provide opportunities to be the first in your area to offer this service. You can offer anything from a sauna-style bathroom in your current spa, to an entire bar & restaurant. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination and budget. (We offer financing and financial advice to help)

We can help educate you on the business aspects since we also own a salt cave spa in the Texas Hill Country for over 6 years now!

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