Our construction and design team has been active in the global market since 2002. We specialize in the construction of salt caves for commercial applications as well as private residences. Our salt caves are a perfect addition to existing wellness and spa businesses, clubs, hotels, swimming pools and fitness centers. As salt caves have gained popularity, our reputation has grown as the industry leader for professional salt cave design and construction throughout Europe and North America.

What is a PURESÓLSPA Salt Cave?

Our salt cave is a room constructed from natural salt rocks, tiles and bricks.  The ceiling is fabricated to compliment the aesthetics of the cave, along with lighting features and stalactite decoration. The entire installation is completed by our competent, professional team and can be designed to assimilate any existing businesses décor, creating an attractive addition for your guests.

Most salt caves consist of 12-40 tons of salt, depending on the specific size of the cave. By using such tremendous amounts of salt, a unique microclimate is achieved within the cave. The climate is rich in ions, minerals and micro-elementary particles like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and many others which are present in the air. These are naturally absorbed into the body by breathing saturated air into the lungs and thus improving the intake and increasing supply of these important elements to promote good health, performance and overall fitness for all ages.

PURESÓLSPA Salt Caves can serve as an attractive addition for any spa or wellness center.  In spite of its natural rustic appearance as a stone cave, it fits seamlessly to modern standards via professional ventilation HVAC systems to control the climate as needed.  The internal temperature is recommended to remain within a 65-75 degree range.

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