25 August 2020

What is a Graduation Tower?

Salt cave construction, Polish salt, Himalayan salt

Think of it as the place where streams of brine flow down the birch branches where they ‘graduate’ forming the curative aerosol. The secret of the tower lies in its specific construction while the objective of the whole process is to obtain at least a 16% NaCl concentration in the water. The brine thickens while flowing down the blackthorn branches and breaks up when it hits each twig – it partially evaporates saturating the air surrounding the construction with a saline aerosol. This aerosol or spray has specific health features and possesses a significant ability to penetrate the mucous membrane of the respiratory system and skin.

This graduation tower concept is the key to the healing elements of the salt and directly copies the method used in the famous Wieliczka Healing Caves in Poland. These minerals have a positive influence in the treatment of such diseases as, respiratory illnesses, cardio vascular diseases, digestive disease, dermatological conditions, and nervous system malfunctions including stress, rapid breathing, inability to concentrate.

We like to refer to it also as “wet salt therapy,” which is very different than the dry salt therapy that salt generators create. There is no ground up salt being thrown in the air, loud grinding sound, or irritants in the air that may be incorrectly calibrated and cause irritation. 

More than just an incredible showpiece; Imagine the trickling sounds of the fountain as it bounces the brine over the blackthorn branches… with every tiny splash the salt “graduates” in to the air and provides a natural way for your body and lungs to absorb the perfect balance, just like nature intended…

We engineered the our graduation towers to become the small-size equivalent to the famous one at Wieliczka. The pricing is similar to the “salt machine” offered with some salt rooms, but the trickling fountain of the graduation tower provides the natural balance of perfect humidity and saturation with design of a bold centerpiece.

Take a look at our gallery to see samples from all over the world of graduation towers we have built.