Business Opportunities

Interested in creating or re-branding to stand out from your local competition? When we work for you, we support you all the way! We offer support before, during and afterwards to help you insure your success. Our pre-opening support covers business planning, site selection, professional guidance and in-spa training, store design and layout, and access to state of the art European spa equipment and furnishings. Our on-going support includes access to marketing materials, merchandising, purchasing, store operations, employee training and professional operations manuals. Our clients consistently provide an exceptional customer experience and the highest quality services and products in the industry.

Client Experiences

Salt Cave Inhalation Therapy – Clients enter the salt cave and relax on comfortable chairs while accompanied by soft soothing music in the background. As they relax, they inhale the air in this very unique micro climate rich in negative ions and minerals.

Skin Care Treatments – Clients enter treatment rooms that are very stylish, yet warm, inviting and, very relaxing. This world class atmosphere is where our clients will experience facial treatments, anti-aging treatments (enhanced with medical grade peels and equipment), body massages that will sooth tired muscles, improve circulation, release toxins and eliminate overall tension.

Retail Products – Clients have the opportunity to purchase various retail products for take-home use. These products complement the salt cave concept and theme. Among many of the wonderful products available are lotions and salt scrubs, and other classy and unique items that will provide profit, yet complement the style of the business and extend the benefits of the treatments for our clients after their visit.